We got free positions for waitresses

We’re looking for service personal, waitresses or in general gastronomic staff. We’re on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind, vibrant, crazy, and special team for the bar and service – and that’s where YOU come in!

Spread the word to your friends, your most colorful pals, and anyone who has a heart for colors and diversity. We’re on the hunt for divas, club waitstaff from Berlin’s bar or burlesque scene, Rocka Billy enthusiasts, drag queens, transgender individuals, LGBT members, Gothic girls, gays, lesbians, burlesque performers, tattoo freaks, designers, artists, musicians, dancers, club enthusiasts, night creatures, and entertainers. Everyone with a splash of vibrancy is not just invited but warmly welcomed to be a part of our unique bar family! 💃🕺

So, let’s turn up the energy and paint the town with all the colors of the rainbow! Your enthusiasm and your vibrant hearts are the key to our success. Don’t just witness; be the architects of this exciting new chapter in Berlin’s bar and nightlife scene! 🚀

Ready to be a part of something extraordinary? Join us at Knutschfleck cocktail Bar, where every day is a celebration of colors, talent, and positive vibes! Your journey to becoming a part of our unique bar family starts now! 🌈✨

Cheers to new beginnings! 🍹✨ Website: http://www.knutschfleckberlin.de contact: info@knutschfleckberlin.de

second event location: http://www.wildematilde.de

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