Experience our weekly variety show

Every weekend the stage here comes to life for a spectacular variety show with live musicians and singers. Your amazement will know no bounds as the air crackles with energy and entertainment.

The talented artists will delight you with breathtaking performances and rousing live music. But that’s not all! After the impressive variety show spectacle, the party really begins. The after-show party at Knutschfleck is legendary and promises a night full of fun, dancing and first-class music. The dance floor is calling and the DJs are playing the hottest tracks that will get you dancing.

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the energy of the live music bar. The cocktail bar at Knutschfleck is the perfect place to round off your evening. Our professional bartenders will mix you the most delicious cocktails and drinks – from classics to our own creations. Take a seat, let yourself be pampered and toast to an unforgettable night with your friends.

If you are also looking for a unique experience bar that combines variety shows, live music, after-show parties and delicious cocktails, then the Knutschfleck Berlin is your destination. A weekend awaits you under the majestic television tower that you won’t soon forget. Let’s celebrate together, dance and turn night into day!

Contact: info@knutschfleckberlin.de
Website: http://www.knutschfleckberlin.de

second event location: http://www.wildematilde.de

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