Give away the best birthday voucher from Knutschfleck Cocktailbar in Berlin

Offer a birthday voucher for an extraordinary show evening, gift vouchers, experience vouchers or value vouchers for a show dinner. We also have vouchers for our variety show or the ticket for variety in the Knutschfleck Bar Berlin. Make your friends happy with a personal awareness of their birthday. The best gift idea for your loved ones is the gift voucher for the Knutschfleck Cocktailbar Berlin. Whether show voucher, voucher for variety show in Berlin or voucher for a candlelight dinner at Alexanderplatz. In addition to our variety show, there are many other Berlin highlights and experiences in Berlin’s best cocktail bar, such as the cocktail workshop, the burlesque course or a delicious gin tasting. Of course, you can also receive our workshops as vouchers, such as a voucher for a cocktail course, a voucher for a burlesque dance course, a voucher for a burlesque course, a voucher for a gin tasting in Berlin, a cocktail course voucher, a cocktail workshop voucher, a cocktail voucher or a gin tasting voucher. There are still some great birthday packages and gift ideas for birthday parties, birthday groups or family celebrations. Our show program offers the best entertainment every Friday and Saturday with international rights such as saxophonists, aerial acrobats, artists and Berlin show girls at seductive burlesque shows as well as Moulin Rouge, Can Can and Rock’n’Roll dance performances. Take your loved ones to the Berlin of the 50s and experience an exciting and colorful evening together in the best cocktail bar of the television tower.

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