Knutschfleck Show Brunch

The Most Colourful Brunch in Berlin Takes Place Here Every Saturday and Sunday!

Pack up your family and friends and set off for an unforgettable brunch under the Berlin TV tower – surprise shows included! We look forward to giving you a day you won’t soon forget!

Good Morning Berlin and Welcome to the Entertainment Brunch

It’s not just a brunch, it’s a real blast, a mixture of Berliner Schnauze and Gemütlichkeit. Where enjoyment, culture and family fun go hand in hand and offer you an unforgettable show experience.

Come in, you can look out here! There’s room here for everyone who wants vintage flair and lots of fun. Our place is like a corner pub, only without the blue haze and with lots of mouth-watering treats. Immerse yourself in a world full of feasting, entertainment and a bit of beautiful nostalgia.

All Hell Breaks Loose Here at the Weekend!


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Our Knutschfleck show brunch is not only a feast for the palate, but also something for the eyes with a full load of live surprise entertainment! From wacky variety shows and live performances to groovy fifties bands or chilled jazz sounds – there’s something for everyone here and always something new that will knock your socks off and put a big grin on your face.

Our Gourmet Buffet is a Stunner, a Real Feast for the Eyes for Every Gourmet

Here you’ll find everything your heart desires, from hearty to sweet, from vegan to original Berlin, from classic breakfast dishes to sausage and cheese varieties. Want a boozy brunch? No problem! Our bartenders are ready to spoil you with the finest cocktails!

For those who like it a little more opulent, we have upgrade options that will make your head spin: Champagne brunch, deluxe brunch with caviar or a truly blatant GDR gentlemen’s deck that will send you on a culinary journey through time.

For those of you who are on a calorie-saving kick, we have a selection of healthy options, from fresh fruit, yogurt, muesli and a heap of whole grain stuff to recharge your energy reserves and get you ready for the day.

For all the sweet-toothed out there, we have a special surprise in store: a candy buffet with a live cooking station! Help yourself to lollipops, sweets and fresh fruit under a chocolate fountain to your heart’s content! To top it all off, there will be fragrant popcorn to tantalize your taste buds and round off your brunch experience.

The Knutschfleck Gourmet Brunch With Show is a Unique Berlin Experience

What are you waiting for? Grab a plate and get a piece of Berlin history and culture on your plate! Immerse yourself in Berlin’s most colorful brunch paradise. See you soon at the Berlin experience brunch with show at Knutschfleck!

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