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Berlins newest dinner and show atraction at the Alexanderplatz !

Here at the Alexanderplatz, where Berlin is snogging its guests with a beautiful view of the Television tower, we are welcoming you to enjoy a day with Berlin original beers and food or letting the day go by with live music, a colorful show program, karaoke and delicious cocktails.

Upon entering the bar you will travel back in time. The atmosphere is exciting and colorful. The walls are covered with black and white photos from the historic Berlin and pictures from stage shows in the elapsed time. The impressive ambience invites with its precious chandeliers and the comfortable Chesterfield sofas to linger. Through its more than 15-meter long bar, with enclosed big show stage, the “Knutschfleck” is a reminiscence to an old fashioned Varieté or better still of the movie “Burlesque” with Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Upon entering the eyes fall immediately bartenders in white shirts, suspenders and bowler hat, which take care of the production of fancy cocktails. Welcomes you will from a waitress in burlesque or 50s clothing.

The first look at the cocktail menu makes the decision difficult. In addition to classic cocktails like Mojito or Cosmopolitan over 100 own cocktails with unusual names on the menu to choose from, with which one then goes public! is this the more guests drink a cocktail places, the cheaper – Here the guest determines from Monday to Thursday price. We can observe the rising and falling prices on one of the screens or simply use our cocktail exchanges app at iTunes or Google Play so you can anytime track global prices.

Knutschfleck, the Berlin Variety , the new attraction in the capital !
Karaoke - Tuesday & Thursday

Who wants to take the microphone itself,  comes on Tuesday & Thursday for karaoke night, in keeping with a funny karaoke After Work Party and represents his talent ! But be careful, it is filmed! Because operators are music producers and may you can find yourself quickly in a professional music studio.

Showtime in Knutschfleck

Every Friday and Saturday evening enchanted the colorful stage shows with a lot of acrobatics, live music and the Knutschfleck Show Dancers. A thrilling and exciting program with songs by Hildegard Knef and fifties hits the charts in the eighties and nineties, up to the current music.

food and drinks

For the physical well-being is also taken care of. Traditional German food, like Tarte or baked potatoes, and products, as well as pies and cakes, and nachos are made with love in the kitchen. Lately Gambas (all you can eat) can be tasted in addition.


Every Friday and Saturday evening enchanted the stage shows with acrobatics , live singer and the Knutschfleck show dancers .

original German cuisine

Berlin originals , with pies and cakes and Berlin food


Extensive repertoire of rock, pop , Latin , Salsa , R & B , Hip Hop, House and Black Music , and the best of the last 5 decades !

Gambas all you can eat

In the exceptional cocktail and show Location Alexanderplatzdine you can enjoy fresh and tasty Gambas – all you can eat together fresh bread and our  homemade aioli .

cocktail - stock exchange

In the cocktail Stock Exchange the price changes based on the demand . This means you should keep the ” Index ” of the drinks in the eye , and then purchased at a favorable price.


Behind the cocktail bar , the bartenders are eager in white shirts , suspenders and melon on cocktail mixing . In addition to the Classics are over 100 original creations on the menue


Whether bachelor party , corporate event or just a private party for you and your best friends – our team makes your evening unforgettable . The Knutschfleck team looks forward to seeing you !