Weekend in Berlin – party with variety show

Your weekend in Berlin’s hippest party location – the Knutschfleck cocktail bar! Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant music, exquisite cocktails and an atmosphere that will put you in the party mood right away. In the Knutschfleck cocktail bar you will experience a unique mixture of elegance and wild fun. Our bar is known for its creative and perfectly crafted cocktails, which are lovingly mixed by our experienced bartenders. Whether you prefer a refreshing mojito, a fruity pina colada or a classic martini, our selection of cocktails will impress even the most discerning palate. But that is not all! Our cocktail bar also offers a wide range of quality spirits, from whiskey and rum to gin and vodka. If you are a real connoisseur, you will appreciate our carefully curated selection of premium spirits, which offer you a taste experience in a class of its own. The Knutschfleck cocktail bar is not only known for its first-class drinks, but also for its breathtaking atmosphere. Celebrate the weekend like never before and discover the ultimate party destination in Berlin – the Knutschfleck cocktail bar. info@knutschfleckberlin.de

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