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Birthday location directly on Alexanderplatz

Celebrating a birthday in Berlin. Probably the most unusual cocktail bar right on Alexanderplatz is the best location for your party. Your celebration in the Knutschfleck cocktail bar right under the Berlin TV tower! It couldn't be more central. The No. 1 location is perfect for your celebrations, whether you want to celebrate with a large group or as a small one. In our Knutschfleck cocktail bar we have enough space for you and your friends. Our beautiful location is just waiting to be celebrated inside. Celebrate a great party with a breathtaking variety show, live music, aerial acrobats and many different dances. Cocktails without end we have a large selection of over 150 different cocktail variations and many of them are delicious own creations. With typical traditional old German cuisine. Make yourself a birthday present with your birthday party in the Knutschfleck Erlebnisrestaurant! With our hickey birthday packages you can add your own special touch to your birthday. Whether you are 18 or 80, every birthday party at Knutschi is an experience! Feel free to reserve at for your birthday party in our Knutschfleck cocktail bar in Berlin.
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