Berlin traditional kitchen

Berlin’s most popular event restaurant offers traditional German cuisine. We cook according to traditional recipes that are rarely found in Berlin restaurants today. Our Knutschfleck has grabbed the best and tastiest classics. There are many hearty German dishes and typical Berlin dishes. Simply delicious classics such as chicken fricassee, original DDR Jägerschnitzel on pasta with tomato sauce, homemade Königsberger Klopse with potatoes or a juicy Kassler roast with sauerkraut. Schnitzel whether pork or veal with asparagus, mushrooms or chanterelles to suit every taste. Original Berlin currywurst with fries, red and white? Also snacks such as our nachos baked with cheese, with or without chicken, our love bite muffins or Hawaiian toast. In addition to the show and party, you also need the perfect food. And also for the small appetite different homemade salads or soups. Popular classics such as Caesar Salad can be found on our menu as well as traditional dishes from our beautiful capital and the former East. Take a look at our other delicacies on our website

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