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Exciting Opportunity: Join Our Event Restaurant Team at the Iconic TV Tower! 🌟

Are you looking for a unique and thrilling opportunity to be a part of a dynamic event restaurant located beneath the mesmerizing TV Tower in the heart of Berlin? Look no further! We are currently seeking talented and enthusiastic waitresses to join our extraordinary team.

At our event restaurant, we offer an unforgettable dining experience amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Berlin’s iconic landmark. As a waitress, you will have the chance to showcase your exceptional customer service skills while being surrounded by the energy and excitement of our lively venue.

Responsibilities: 🍽️ Provide outstanding service to guests, ensuring a memorable dining experience. 🍽️ Take orders and serve food and beverages promptly and accurately. 🍽️ Assist guests in navigating the menu and make knowledgeable recommendations. 🍽️ Create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, attending to guests‘ needs and inquiries. 🍽️ Collaborate with a diverse team to ensure seamless operations during events. 🍽️ Maintain a clean and organized workspace, ensuring compliance with hygiene standards. Website: Contact:

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