Variety Show in Berlin Mitte

Weekend is just around the corner. You want to have a good time, have fun and experience something. The best entertainment in Berlin Mitte is at Knutschfleck. Directly under the television tower is the place where you can enter a colorful world and take a break from your gray everyday life. Every Friday and Saturday you can experience our colourful, crazy variety show! You can expect a four-hour entertainment program with enchanting dance routines from burlesque to rock 'n' roll from our showgirls who dance in their most beautiful clothes. Funny presenters, breathtaking aerial artists and passionate musicians as well as some surprises. A show that takes you into a magical world. There is singing, dancing and laughing. An amazing atmosphere every time. And as the icing on the cake, we have over 150 different cocktail creations. We have something for everyone, with cream or fruity, sparkling or simply a classic long drink, everyone will find something with us.
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