Cheers to our cocktails

Cocktails that steal the show. It's the weekend again, celebrate and party and that needs good cocktails. It's showtime again in the Knutschfleck Bar. With us it's lights on for our star of the show. A show full of excitement and fun, our cocktail menu also reflects how crazy and colorful life can be. Better something creamy, fruity or sparkling. Our large selection of over 150 different cocktails in all variations will leave you amazed. Fancy a classic Mojito, Pina Colada or Sex on the Beach is no problem. If you fancy something very unusual, no problem, our own creations such as Flitzpiepe, Popsicles, Bling Bling or Friday the 13th will convince you. Toast the evening with a round of shooters and let the party continue. For our drivers and non-drinkers we also have exactly the same party feeling with our non-alcoholic cocktails.
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