Old german food like at grandmas

An old German kitchen. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a typical German traditional meal as soon as you are in Berlin. Grandma still cooks the best and our Knutschfleck grabbed exactly her recipes. Whether it’s a classic original DDR Jägerschnitzel on pasta with tomato sauce, homemade Königsberger Klopse with potatoes, Sweet and Sour eggs or a juicy Roast pork with Sauerkraut. We want to conjure up a traditional feeling for everyone. Whether as a Berliner or as a visitor to our capital, an Original Berlin Currywurst with fries is always included! We also have a delicious Schnitzel on offer, whether pork or veal with asparagus, mushrooms or chanterelles, we want everyone to feel good and of course go home with a well-saturated stomach and have the feeling that we’ll be happy to come back. Feel free to check out our other treats on our menu.

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