Event restaurant right in Berlin

The trendiest cult bar with a variety cocktail bar and club is looking for bartenders, bartenders, bar staff, counter staff, tappers, counter staff, waiters, waitresses, service staff, service workers and runners in Berlin Mitte at Alexanderplatz. We are looking for you for our international team, you want to work in a bar team with great bartenders, service and kitchen staff, then you are in the best cult bar and party bar in Berlin with variety the Knutschfleck Berlin just right. With high quality and creative cocktails and our crazy team at Alexanderplatz, we are unique and the hippest party bar and attraction in Berlin Mitte. Become a part of the best team and spoil the best party crowd in the world with us. If you are interested in probably the best job in Berlin, then send us your application to info@knutschfleckberlin.de. We look forward to seeing you.

other Location: http://www.wildematilde.de

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