Big International Casting for all Performers/Artists, Singers and Presenters

For three Berlin show stages and Revue Variete`Theater in Berlin Mitte „Wilde Matilde Variete“ ,,Lieschen Müller“and „Knutschfleck Berlin Variete“ are again looking for artists and talents of all genres.
WHEN; 23-24.08.2022
REGISTRATION 10:00 Registration | BEGINNING 11:00
Dancers with strong stage presence
Burlesque dancer, ballet, jazz, musical, latin, theater, stage dance, cheerleader, belly dance, show dance, bachata, modern dance, standard, contemporary, boogie woogie, mambo, quickstep foxtrot, bourée, breakdancer and other styles, tap dance.
Singer, vocalist, or musician
guitare, saxophone, violin, trumpet, accordion other instruments
Showacts with an unforgettable show
magician, magician, travesty, comedy, burlesque dancer, comedy burlesque, burlesque show, bubbles, balloons, entertainer, mime, entertainer, solo entertainer, illusionist, LED performance
Aerial Silk, Diabolo, Aerial or Floor Acrobats, Contortion, Aerial Artists, Cloth Artist, Ring Artist, Vertical Cloth, Hover Stick, Hula Hup, Contortionist, Contortionist, Joungleurs, Magicians, Clowns, Pantomime.
Entertainers & Presenters
comedians, ventriloquists, clowns, cabaret artist, entertainers with a great charisma
Diseuse, Converence, Guest animators, Table animator, Double, Artist Double
Audition Casting
Please prepare a 2/3 minute performance and bring your music on a USB stick. Appropriate clothing/costumes in which you feel comfortable on stage are welcome.
All special skills like aerial acrobatics, contortion or floor acrobatics please discuss with our stage assistants at the beginning. Singers ( m/f ) please prepare two pieces with different styles. We are not only looking for good voices but also for full-blooded entertainers who know how to captivate the audience.
Send your application to:
big casting & open audition in berlin for singers, artists, showacts, comedians, entertainers, dancers (w/m) For two Berlin Varite stages we are looking for artists, singers, showacts, comedians, artists, dancers, talents, showacts, Aerial Silk, Diabolo magician, Magician, Travesty, Comedy, Burlesque show, Bubbles, Balloons, Entertainer, Pantomime, Entertainer, Solo entertainer, Ilusionist, LED Performance, Artists, Aerial or floor acrobats, Contortion, Aerial artists, Cloth artist, Ring artist, Vertical cloth, Hover bar, Hula Hup, Contortionist, Contortionist, Joungleurs, Singer, Musician, Saxophone, Violin, Trumpet, Comedy, Comedian, Ventriloquist, Clowns, Cabaret artist, Entertainer, Animators, Presenter, Diseuse, Converce, Kaoskeller, Guest Animators, Table Animator, Double, Dancer, Burlesque Dancer, Ballet, Jazz, Musical, Latin, Theater, Stage Dance, Breakdancer, Performer, Circus Performer, Circus Artist and Talents wanted.
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