Gift certificate to give away, gift package or experience voucher

If you are looking for a gift voucher, a gift package or an event voucher, the Knutschfleck Bar is the right place for you!

There are many different events where our vouchers, packages, and offers can be helpful and save you all the planning theater ūüėČ

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a wonderful show, aftershow party or cocktail workshops that will surely entertain you enough. Typical Berlin food as well as delicious cocktails and other drinks are freshly prepared for you.

Occasions can also be company celebrations, company parties, family – or company anniversaries, family celebrations, group building events, B2B or even a long-awaited reunion. We are curious with which celebration you will come to us.

Your wedding is coming up soon and the engagement was so wonderful that you have to top it off with your bachelorette party?
Well then use our value vouchers for example as a voucher for bachelorette party or JGA package. Our JGA offers have it fist thick behind the ears and offer you the most diverse ideas that make your JGA an unforgettable evening.
To help you find your way around, we have given them names. They are called, for example, Jeremy-Pascal, Sarafina, Chantal, Fabiene or Patrick and have then among other things shots, strippers or a limousine ride through Berlin in Petto.

Maybe a new year of life is just around the corner and since the last one was so successful it has to be celebrated properly. Then we have Anna-Birne and Flotte-Lotte for you. These are the names of our birthday packages that want to sweeten the evening even more!

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