Pastry chef Berlin, confectioner Berlin, patisserie staff, cake bakers and creative cake professionals in Berlin wanted

Support the team of the traditional coffee house Wilde Matilde Cocktailbar. Berlin’s most colorful café with in-house patisserie is looking for new staff for our cake and pie manufactory. Berlin’s most beautiful coffee house in the Nickolaiviertel is looking for creative baking fairies, pastry chefs, bakers or creative minds from patisserie who have a lot of fun to enchant our guests and want to realize themselves.
Jobs in Berlin there are many but your job, student job, side job, weekend job, sideline, main job or training in Berlin Mitte you should do in the hottest coffee house, cafe, restaurant, pastry shop, breakfast restaurant, Gasstätte event location of the Wilde Matilde in the Nikolaiviertel.

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