Party offers for bachelorette parties Berlin colorful Berlin Varieté with club night Berlin

The Knutschfleck Cocktailbar Berlin has the best offers for bachelors, vouchers for bachelorette parties, stag party packages and tickets invite you to forget the annoying everyday life and are therefore the ticket to a good time with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances Cocktail course or a bachelorette party Burlesque workshop doesn’t tell you anything?! Isn’t it something new for a JGA Berlin, not always drinking the classic skit, moving around, celebrating the bride or groom, playing games and dressing up … although you can do that here too! The Knutschfleck Bar Berlin, with its karaoke evening, its colorful variety show, its workshops and its packages, tickets and vouchers, offers the perfect prerequisites for a nice evening and thus also a successful bachelorette party. we also have 150 different cocktails and longd rinks that literally sweeten your evening! Before you drink, you should have eaten properly, so the wisdom of grandma. You can do that here too! Because we have a large selection of typical Berlin dishes that will delight you from sweet to savory.

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