The perfect planning for your bachelorette party!

The perfect planning for your bachelorette party actually only consists of the venue, supplies, entertainment program and guests. That is really not difficult, but we are happy to help!

Supply is settled in Knutschfleck Berlin, we have a large selection of Berlin dishes and our drinks menu includes 150 different cocktails that are stirred and shaken by our smart bartenders right in front of your eyes!

The venue is our Knutschfleck Bar Berlin, which is located directly on Alexanderplatz, right in the heart of Berlin and directly at the famous train station, which means that nobody has the excuse not to be able to drink;) Entertainment program?

In addition to free karaoke evenings every Thursday, a colorful variety show with many different show acts and various workshops such as burlesque and cocktail workshops on Wednesdays or Fridays, where you can learn a lot of new things, we also have packages, offers, vouchers and tickets on our homepage www. who are at your side and take care of the planning.

Lose weight because in them, for example, limousine trips, strippers, etc. which can also include exclusive drinks, depending on how you decide who should accompany you on this evening.

Whether it should be Cindy, Chantal, Jaqueline, Sarafina, Isabella, Kevin, Jeremy-Pascal, Patrick or Fabiene. No, these are not the names of our strippers or those of dedicated eating place companions but those of our bachelorette party packages and offers for bachelors!

If you take a look at the homepage, you will know what we mean;) Your only job are the guests! Grab your loved ones, get dressed up and off you go with the troupe … Destination: Knutschfleck Bar, Alexanderstraße 3, 10178 Berlin!

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