Ticket for a colorful show evening!

A ticket for a colorful show evening guarantees you the most beautiful gastronomic experience and the most turbulent variety show in the heart of Berlin!

Every Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. we open our colorful show stage for you and bring you to your previously reserved seats, where you can make yourself comfortable for the rest of the evening!

Immerse yourself in our colorful world of Burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Can Can and many other attractions, such as jugglers, aerial acrobats, singers, musicians, artists, dancers, acrobats, dancers and moderators who look forward to shining and sparkling your eyes bring!

A nice show also includes a nice show dinner, which consists of typical Berlin dishes that are freshly conjured up for you in our kitchen and a selection of 150 different cocktails, 100 of which are in-house cocktails, and long drinks!

Make a reservation here and prepare for a spectacular evening. With a voucher for a vaudeville show, adventure voucher for vaudeville, gift voucher for vaudeville or a normal ticket for vaudeville, you can experience an unforgettable evening in Berlin and get away from your everyday life.