Cocktails as a cocktail event the hottest cocktail workshop in Berlin in Knutschfleck.

As a team building, team event, Christmas party, intensive, hen party or a birthday, summer brings you to your party! Cocktail course in Knutschfleck Berlin on simply a chic event for everyone. Make Knutschfleck Berlin probably the craziest cocktail bar in Berlin Mitte on Alexanderplatz. Check out the beautiful cocktails in the video, one tastier than the other. And yes, there are a lot more on the cocktail menu, all creations by professional bartender from Berlin. The best thing is you can also stand behind the bar in the hickey with Luca because Luca has already passed on his knowledge in numerous cocktail workshops at team events, team building, birthdays or hen parties. And I promise it’s not just wet cocktail courses, Luca van Heren not only inspires but is simply fun. But for everyone who doesn’t know it yet in Knutschfleck Berlin, you can enjoy the best entertainment, a chic terrace, a chic location, cool people, live music, fun, dance and good, as well as the 150 cocktail creations by Luca van Heren tonight, like every Friday and Saturday Discover mood. With cocktails, dinner, shows, dance and entertainment in a class of its own, the Knutschfleck celebrates wedding anniversaries, company parties, hen parties, birthdays and many other great events every weekend. Even during the show on Friday and Saturday with Burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Salsa, Chicago, Coyote, Can Can and Rock n Roll, animation, saxophone, snake woman, live singing, dance and breathtaking artistry, nobody stays in their seats and there is dancing, partied and laughed as if there was no tomorrow. The Knutschfleck Berlin with its entertainment and evening program is one of the top addresses for Berliners, group trips, tour groups, Berlin visitors, tourists, travel and bus companies. As a guest at Knutschfleck Berlin, you can enjoy the unique shows, join in, dance, party, sing karaoke and party. The hickey connects all ages, whether young or old, here you can experience wonderful evenings across generations. And the small kitchen is not inferior to the cocktails with Granny’s Berlin recipes small but nice. So if you are looking for a location, restaurant, bar or cocktail bar for an event, event, birthday, hen party, Christmas party, graduation party, engagement, wedding anniversary, anniversary, company party, team event, team building or other celebration, concert, event, presentation or party, who is exactly the right place in Knutschfleck Berlin. Yes, also to get to know new people, to fall in love or to experience a nice romantic evening for two, the Knutschfleck is the most recommendable and best address in Berlin. Just take a look at our homepage and remember to make a reservation. Meet people, sing, dance, have fun. Larger groups, tour groups, school trips or group trips are always welcome.

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