Your Berlin Event at Knutschfleck Berlin the event location No.1 in Berlin

Where are the best parties in Berlin, where to celebrate the best corporate event in Berlin or where to celebrate a birthday in Berlin? Of course in the Knutschfleck Berlin the party location No.1 in Berlin is for every occasion the best event location in Berlin with show and cocktails at Alexanderplatz. Whether Christmas party, birthday, team event, company party, family party, premiere, gala, company party, year-end, after-show party, hen party, wedding anniversary, meeting, incentives or other events, yes even 70 year birthdays become an experience in the Knutschfleck. Party, laughter, show, cocktails and good mood wherever you look. In the Knutschfleck Berlin at Alexanderplatz every event becomes a highlight. There are cocktail workshops, gin tasting, team building and team events, birthday and company parties as well as the many bachelorette parties and wedding anniversary celebrations. With cocktails, dinner, show, dance with Dj and entertainment of the extra class we celebrate with you in the Knutschfleck Berlin every week wedding anniversaries, company parties, hen parties, birthdays and many other beautiful events. Already during our shows at the weekend with Burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Salsa, Chicago, Can Can and Rock n Roll, animation, saxophone, snake woman, live singing, dancing and breathtaking artistry it holds no one on the seats and it is danced, celebrated and laughed as if there is no tomorrow. The Knutschfleck Berlin with its entertainment, variety and evening program is one of the best addresses for event agencies, location scouts, Berliners, group tours, travel groups, Berlin visitors, tourists, travel and bus companies. As a guest in the Knutschfleck Berlin you can enjoy the unique shows, join in, dance, party, sing karaoke and party exuberantly. The Knutschfleck connects all ages whether young or old people here you can experience cross-generational wonderful evenings. And the fine German cuisine is with Muttis Berlin recipes small but fine the cocktails in Berlin nothing inferior. So if you are looking for a location, restaurant, bar, event location, restaurant, event location or cocktail bar for an event, birthday, hen party, Christmas party, farewell party, engagement, wedding anniversary, anniversary, company party, team event, company party, team building or any other celebration, concert, event, presentation or party, the Knutschfleck Berlin is the right place. Yes also to meet new people the Knutschfleck is the most recommendable address in Berlin. Just have a look at our homepage and remember to make a reservation. Meet people, sing, dance, party and have fun Knutschfleck the event location No.1 in Berlin. Larger groups, travel groups, class trip or group trips are always welcome.

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