With various JGA packages you can let it rip and enjoy

With various JGA packages for men and women you can let it rip and enjoy your last evening in freedom.
So we have something for everyone! Our JGA packages include, for example, cocktail courses, gintastings, burlesque workshops and limousine trips through Berlin and directly to our door.

Would you like an exclusive variety show?
Afterwards you can expect a big after-show party with us in Knutschfleck.
Our DJ puts everything on what you want and what we have for you and puts the icing on your evening.

The Knutschfleck Berlin at Alexanderplatz gives your single life the grand finale.

Newly engaged and you want an extraordinary evening for your bachelorette party but where to go now?

We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones in order to make this important day unforgettable for you in the Knutschfleck Bar.

The evening is perfectly rounded off with some of the best Berlin specialties, delicacies and snacks that are hidden in our large kitchen.
We offer a wide variety of drinks, from our 150 different cocktails to unusual gin creations and the classics such as long drinks or hot drinks.

But it becomes even more beautiful if you make yourself beautiful too;)
Costumes and funny or creative outfit ideas are always welcome and, above all, s
super popular with bachelorette parties. After all, everyone should pay attention to you!

Take a look at our homepage www.knutschfleck.de and secure the most beautiful bachelorette party that has ever existed.