We celebrate great events with you every weekend in Knutschfleck Berlin

Cocktails, dinner, shows, dance and entertainment in a class of its own, we celebrate wedding anniversaries, company parties, hen parties, birthdays and many other great events with you every weekend in Knutschfleck Berlin. Even during our shows on Friday and Saturday with Burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Salsa, Chicago, Coyote, Can Can and Rock n Roll, animation, saxophone, snake woman, live singing, dance and breathtaking artistry, nobody stays in their seats and people dance partied and laughed as if there was no tomorrow.

With its entertainment and evening program, Knutschfleck Berlin is one of the top addresses for Berliners, group trips, tour groups, Berlin visitors, tourists, travel and bus companies. As a guest at Knutschfleck Berlin, you can enjoy the unique shows, join in, dance, celebrate, sing karaoke and party. The hickey connects all ages, whether young or old, here you can experience wonderful evenings across generations.

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