There aren’t many things that can be got for free in Berlin…

There aren’t many things that can be got for free in Berlin, but our karaoke party today in Berlin is one of them!

Together with you we will transform our show stage into a karaoke stage and spontaneously become the most beautiful karaoke bar on Alexanderplatz! 🙂

Before doing this, oil your angelic voices with our various cocktails! We have 150 different cocktails, 100 of which are our own creations!

But you can’t just drink like that, you have to create a foundation beforehand and you don’t have to do that at the kebab around the corner but can eat and drink at any time during our free karaoke party!

The biggest karaoke party is free in Berlin, you can sing, dance and enjoy life as much as you want! Show what you can do and set the mood for you and your family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues!

And maybe there is a head of a record company in the audience and will sign you that evening, who knows;) Karaoke today in Berlin is best at Alexanderplatz in Knutschfleck Bar Berlin!

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