Our three-hour cocktail course

In a three-hour cocktail course, you will learn something about the history and origin of the cocktail, including the equipment you are using. Or do you already know the difference between a „jigger“ and a „sieve“?

If so, you can also glow with your previous knowledge. We have classics like the “swimming pool” on our menu, but also those like “Trabbi”.

The cocktail menu consists of 150 different creations, 100 of which are our own, which you will find on your own second bar menu. Different background behind each name of an idea and category behind. If you find it, you will find the „Tinker Bell“ and the fantasy map but the „Headbanger“ under the rock map. So there was something for everyone.

And what are you when you hear the word “cocktail”? A la la summer night with friends and good relationships? Or a wild party with loud music and colored lights? No matter what supposedly the „hickey“ can offer you.

The offer gold-plated for up to 15 people, includes group discounts are of course possible. The minimum age concerns of course 18 years. And because of the driving, you didn’t worry, the central location at Alexanderplatz Nord had a real view of using public transport.

Whichever one it belongs to then belongs of course to it and that even ten times. In addition, they also mix two shots. What sounds easy at first, brings with it one or the other hurdle. Or do you know the correct one of the B-52?

And when you have found the creation, you can take it home with you, because the recipe is right there at hand. All of this is available in the form of a voucher, which you can buy on the Internet or directly from us in the bar. It also makes a great 18th birthday present.