Our cocktail menu includes 150 different creations

Our offer for a cocktail course is valid for up to 15 people, whereby group discounts are of course possible. The minimum age is of course 18 years.

And you don’t have to worry about driving, the central location on Alexanderplatz offers a perfect opportunity to use public transport.

In our menu we have the classics like the “Swimming Pool” but also exceptional ones like the “Trabbi”. The cocktail menu includes 150 different creations, 100 of which are our own that you will not find on any other bar menu.

There is also an idea and category behind every name. For example, you can find the „Tinker Bell“ and the fantasy card the „Headbanger“ under the rock card.

There is something for every taste. Of course, you can decide for yourself which one you want to prepare yourself, ten times. In addition, you can mix two shots.

What sounds easy at first, does work one or the other hurdle with. Or do you know the correct order of the B-52?

And if you like the creation you can take it home with you, because the recipe is right there at hand. All of this is available in the form of a voucher, which you can buy on the Internet or directly from us in the bar. It also makes a great 18th birthday present.

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