Make your own birthday present with a birthday party in the Knutschfleck Berlin!

Whether it’s an 18th birthday or an 80th birthday party, make your own birthday present with a birthday party in the Knutschfleck adventure restaurant and karaoke bar for every occasion.

Do you want to celebrate your next birthday pompously and glamorously? The best cocktail bar Knutschfleck Berlin is the best choice and the number 1 contact point for your event.

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There is dancing, laughing and swaying between the show blocks.
You experience a party or a girls‘ evening in the middle of Burlesque Berlin, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Berlin show girls, international stars and lots of animation.

From 8 p.m. every weekend you can expect a magical evening program with aerial acrobatics, jugglers, burlesque, can can, singers, artistry, solo entertainers, Chicago dance performances and moderators.

With the “Flotte Lotte” package, you can experience an unforgettable evening with seven other friends at a unique variety show.
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You can also look at the great party pictures from the last shows to get a first impression of our unique party and event location.