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Every Tuesday and Thursday, the biggest karaoke party in Berlin takes place at the Knutschfleck Bar at Alexanderplatz. The city’s most colorful Variety show turns into the legendary karaoke bar and cocktail bar with a dance floor featuring the city’s most beautiful and fun karaoke acts.

Be there when Martin Martini and his friends sing with you the most popular songs of the past decades and celebrate at the biggest karaoke and dance party in Berlin. Admission to the karaoke party is free – so it is always advisable to make a reservation.

The Knutscheck Karaoke Party: What could be better than having a delicious cocktail with friends, work colleagues or your own bachelorette party while listening to the dreamy, crooked tones of our waitresses and bartenders – or even grab a microphone yourself. It does not matter if you are young or old, experienced singer or beginner, tourist or local: just reach for the microphone and sing what you got! The applause is certain, because we have the best karaoke audience in the world at the Knutschfleck Berlin.

The Knutscheck Karaoke Bar is not only a highlight for Berliners – it is also a real insider tip for large groups and tourists. A karaoke party is also perfect for your Christmas party, birthday party, end-of-the-year party, company party, corporate event, business event, team event and anniversary party.

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