Free karaoke party!

Our big free karaoke party invites you to have fun and let you forget your everyday life very quickly!
It’s best to come to the Knutschfleck Bar on Thursday in Berlin and see for yourself!

Sing karaoke for free in Berlin … you can’t believe it ?!
Anyone can sing karaoke, regardless of whether it sounds good or not;) Everyone is cheered, either because they are so good and everyone is amazed, or because it doesn’t sound that good, but they still have the courage to heat up the audience!

Enjoy our delicious cocktails and our typical Berlin dishes so that you have enough strength to put your voice in the limelight and have a great time with friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances!

Our show stage then spontaneously turns into a karaoke stage and our karaoke evening becomes the largest karaoke party in Berlin!
Grab the microphone and help ensure that the Knutschfleck Bar has the best atmosphere in the heart of Berlin!

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