Free Karaoke and Gambas at the Knutschfleck berlin Karaoke Bar

Free Karaoke and Gambas Food at the Knutschfleck Berlin Karaoke Bar


Enjoy extravagant cocktails in trendy bars on Alexanderplatz, snack on hearty snacks from Berlin’s best German cuisine and listen to his friends sing karaokes. Every Thursday, the Karaokebar Knutschfleck Berlin hosts the largest Karaokeparty free of charge in Berlin. Collect your party crowd and explore the Nightlife Berlin. For enough energy all evening long we have a great offer for scampi lovers: "Gambas All You Can Eat. " Also available as gift voucher such as birthday voucher, gift voucher, voucher for a candle light dinner as well as many other party packages, karaoke package, JGA packages and offers. Whether birthday, men’s party, wedding day, anniversary, bachelorette party, girl’s evening, graduation party, farewell party or engagement, the best cocktail bar in Berlin, the Knutschfleck Berlin, makes every occasion an unforgettable experience. With our beverage offer of over 150 different cocktails, various long drinks and several gin, sparkling wine, wine and champagne varieties, you should find the right drink for every gourmet. In addition to Gambas, there are of course many other hearty treats such as Flammkuchen, Berlinburger, Bockwurst with potato salad such as from grandma or nachos with cheese baked from Berlin’s best German cuisine.
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