Entertainment, show, evening program and variety

Every Friday and Saturday there is the unique 4-hour entertainment, show and evening program and variety with live singing, funny animation, breathtaking aerial artistry, hula hoop, live music on the saxophone, exciting Can Can, burlesque, Moulin Rouge, coyote , Rock n roll and Chicago dance shows. Other surprise acts such as capoeira, jugglers, magicians, comedy and other new talents offer Berlin entertainment to be amazed.

And between the shows there is swaying, singing along, and partying until our DJ transforms the stage into a colorful dance floor for young and old after the show. By the way, at www.knutschfleckberlin.de there is the right party package for every party, birthday package, company package, bachelorette party package, the right voucher for a birthday, gift voucher, voucher, gift voucher or tickets. The Knutschfleck Bar with Variete Party or Karaoke is the best event location in Berlin for every age and event.