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The most colorful Berlin Variety Show invites you on board.

You always wanted to dance burlesque or show dance and draw the glances of others with your performance? The Knutschfleck Burlesque Bar Berlin at Alexanderplatz offers a 3-hour beginners course in the most seductive of all stage dances for every participant regardless of age appearance or previous knowledge.

With us, everyone who wants to learn new movements sniffs the Moulin Rouge air and feel seductive are all welcome to the extraordinary experience workshop! For a gala evening then parties womens party, ladies night or as a gift or coupon for your best friend, a burlesque course is an extraordinary experience.

The 3-hour burlesque workshop in the Knutschfleck Variety is to be understood as a beginner
course whose level varies according to the group. It includes learning a burlesque and / or show
dance choreography. It also gives a brief introduction to Burlesque and the history. Tips and tricks
for the right show make-up and choosing the most seductive outfits are available. The Burlesque
teacher, a member of the Showgirls Berlin and the Knutschfleck Show Dancers, will teach you the
art of this beautiful dance form during your Burlesque seminar. If you want, you can even bring
your own sexy burlesque costume and perform on stage.

The most important of the workshop: Just have fun and in the end celebrate the result on stage with
a sparkling glass of wine and new friends! This seductive and yet incredibly athletic dance style is a
firework for every relationship and the ideal training for a dream figure! Have fun!

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