Celebrate at Alexanderplatz right?

Are you tired of looking for the right stag party package and want to really celebrate at Alexanderplatz?

Then you can end it now, because Knutschi offers you the best bachelorette party in Berlin.

The JGA offers also include a bottle of sparkling wine on the house and various surprises on your evening.

As soon as the DJ transforms the stage into a dance floor, you can really let the dance floor swing. This really rounds off the evening with delicious cocktails.

And if you haven’t had enough of it, you are welcome to book our cocktail course, which introduces you to the world of mixed drinks, which you can then also give away for birthdays or company events.

Before that, the evening begins with a one-hour limousine ride through Berlin, which drops you off directly at Knutschi’s. There is also the experience voucher in Berlin or generally a voucher to give away, for example for a gin tasting.

Since Knutschi is right on Alexanderplatz, you can easily get there and back by train.