Entertainment show Brunch

Entertainment Brunch at the tv tower as Berlin experience brunch at Knutschfleck! It’s not just brunch here, it’s a real blast, a mixture of Berlin snout and hospitality. Where enjoyment, culture and family fun go hand in hand and offer you an unforgettable vintage experience! Come in, you can pop out here, there’s room for everyone who wants a bit of vintage flair and lots of fun. Our place is like a corner bar, only without the blue haze and with a bunch of delicacies that will make your mouth water! Immerse yourself in a world full of feasts, entertainment and a bit of nostalgia, where we conjure up a brunch on the table that will lift your mood to cloud nine.
Just imagine: every Saturday and Sunday all hell breaks loose here! With a full load of live surprise entertainment that will blow your mind. There’s always something going on with us. From crazy variety shows, live performances to cheeky grooving 50s bands or chilled jazz sounds – there’s something for everyone here and there’s always something new to knock your socks off and give you a big grin Face conjures up. And our group here is like a big family, always in a good mood and always ready to give you an unforgettable experience.the absolute highlight of the weekend!✨ Website: https://www.knutschfleckberlin.de/gutscheine/ contact: info@knutschfleckberlin.de

second event location: http://www.wildematilde.de

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